Another storage vendor wants to launch a 30.72TB SSD in 2024 and it's one worth looking at — Phison unveils Pascari X200 in plans to compete with its own data center clients

Pascari X200 Series SSDs
(Image credit: Phison)

Phison has announced its new Pascari brand of SSDs, targeting enterprise and data center applications. 

The company says the move is, predictably enough, “a response to the exponential growth of AI technologies and the increasing demands for high-performance storage solutions capable of managing extensive data sets and intensive workloads.”

The Pascari brand was unveiled with the launch of the X200 Series, Phison's first PCIe Gen5 Enterprise SSDs. The company says these have been designed to fulfill peak performance requirements, immense storage needs, and advanced firmware requisitions.

Competing with its own customers

The Pascari brand's introduction is also intended to extend Phison's market reach, increasing the accessibility of its enterprise SSD solutions across industrial and commercial channels. The full Pascari SSD range will include the Performance X-Series, AI series, Data Center D-Series, SATA S-Series, and Boot Drive B-Series.

Phison's Pascari X200 SSD series, featuring the CoXProcessor CPU architecture, is specifically designed for high-performance computing (HPC) AI, hyperscale, and data centers. They offer PCIe Gen5x4 Dual/Single Port, variable capacities from 1.6TB to 30.72TB, impressive sequential read and write speeds of 14.8GB/s and 8.7GB/s respectively, and strong security measures.

While making its own SSDs is perhaps an inevitable move, as ServeTheHome points out, “At the same time, this will create some chaos. Phison is now competing with some of its customers. Inevitably, that causes issues in relationships. It will be interesting to see how that shapes the market over the coming quarters. Still, for Phison, the BOM cost for a modern data center SSD is dominated by the NAND content. As a result, selling a completed SSD (which the company has done for years as an OEM/ODM model) generates a lot more revenue per SSD than selling just the controller.”

“Introducing the Pascari brand marks a milestone for Phison as we continue to innovate and lead in NAND Flash technology,” said K.S. Pua, CEO of Phison. “Our commitment extends beyond products; with Pascari and our IMAGIN+ design services, we are enabling organizations to custom-build flash storage architectures that precisely fit their performance demands, ensuring accelerated business growth and enhanced value creation.”

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