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Pantech Jest 2 review

A sluggish feature phone in 2012? Surely, Pantech jests!

Pantech Jest 2
A fitting name for a comically bad phone

Our Verdict

The Jest 2 feels like a relic from the pre-Android and pre-iOS days.


  • Great battery life
  • World phone capabilities
  • Slide-out keyboard
  • Decent 2MP camera


  • Terrible web browsing
  • Sluggish, cumbersome UI
  • Unlocks in pockets
  • Shoots poor videos

As one of the lower-end models on Verizon, the Pantech Jest 2 is a feature phone that sports a very compact build, with the front face of the phone sliding upwards to reveal a full physical keyboard beneath.

When closed, the phone is just 3.7 inches tall and 2.6 inches wide, though it's relatively chunky at 0.6 inches deep due to the sliding design.

Pantech Jest

It's similar in build to the original Jest model, albeit with the introduction of quad-band support, making it a world phone capable of working on most networks, assuming you have a calling plan that allows for such things.

In the United States, the Jest 2 runs on Verizon's 3G network.

The glossy, black-heavy front is paired with a tactile, rubberized back panel, along with a deep red border that extends around the sides of the phone and between the top panel and keyboard when the phone is fully extended.

On the front of the phone, you'll find the 2.4" display, which comes in at a resolution of just 320x240, along with a central OK button surrounded by a circular directional pad, left and right physical buttons that correspond with on-screen menu options, send and end keys, and speakerphone and clear buttons.

Pantech Jest 2

Over on the left side of the phone is a covered port for a microSD card (not included), with an attached cover, as well as a volume rocker and a button for bringing up the voice commands menu.

On the opposite side, you'll find a microUSB port, a button for quick access to the camera and video recording options, and a taskbar button that pops up an easy access bar of common functions.

The right side of the phone also includes a non-standard 2.5mm headphone jack; typical headphone jacks are 3.5mm, and do not fit into this phone. The device curiously does not come with specialized headphones.

The full retail price for the Pantech Jest is $249.99, though Verizon offers the phone for free with a two-year contract.