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Iolo System Mechanic 9 review

Improve your PC's performance with Iolo's system optimisation tools

Iolo System Mechanic 9
Iolo's app scans your system and detects the issues that it can put to rights in various areas

Our Verdict

Noticeable improvement of your system is the ultimate reward for tools like this, and System Mechanic provided it


  • Impressive number of tools
  • Automated options

Unlike many other tweaking tools, System Mechanic 9 does a great job of explaining what steps are being taken to help improve system health and performance.

It uses a constantly updated database of 'tune-up definitions' which makes it possible for the program to apply new tweaks as they are discovered.

For fans of the set-it-and-forget-it approach, there are plenty of automated tools that can be relied upon to keep things in good order.

Those who prefer to get a little more hands-on will also be happy to see the presence of numerous manual tools which can be used to carry out tweaks in a more tailored fashion.

Aside from the effectiveness of the app – and System Mechanic 9 noticeably improved the performance and stability of a number of PCs running Windows XP, Vista and 7 – the amount of detail provided about the issues found is laudable.

The number of tools on offer is also impressive, and they complement the utilities built into Windows.

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