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Sidmusic SIDPLAY review

A must-have for fans of old 8-bit C64 tunes

Sidmusic SIDPLAY
A must-have for fans of 8-bit music as well as those who just fancy a trip down memory lane

Our Verdict

SIDPLAY is ideal for C64 owners who just can't let the past fade away


  • Great selection of tunes
  • Good export options
  • C64 tunes!


  • Fiddly interface

For anyone who used to own a C64 and wants a shot of nostalgia, SIDPLAY should do the job.

The app provides a vaguely iTunes-like interface for playing tracks from the HVSID collection, which encompasses tunes from C64 games and demos.

Tracks can be exported to various formats, and palettes provide access to information about the music and controls for fine-tuning playback.

However, the interface isn't nearly as refined as that of iTunes, and it can be fiddly to navigate through tracks and sub-tunes.

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