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Bloglines review

This RSS reader offers simplicity and speed

Bloglines has all the features you would want as well as having a couple you wouldn't expect

Our Verdict

A great tool for reading your RSS feeds even though it may be missing some of the features of others


  • Fast
  • Email subscriptions


  • No comment function
  • Old-fashioned interface

Like Google Reader, Bloglines is an excellent RSS tool. Its frame-based interface may look slightly more old-fashioned, but this doesn't slow things down. It's extremely fast, very fluid and offers everything you need for tracking your feeds.

Unfortunately, Bloglines is a perfect example of how a product can do almost everything right but still struggle to take the top slot. In this case, Google has been far faster to update its system with new features and UI choices, leaving Bloglines to trail behind somewhat.

Does this matter? Not really. Everything works well, its support for clippings is almost exactly the same as Google's and the only important feature it's missing (depending on how you use RSS feeds) is the ability to comment on stories and share them with friends.

Bloglines also uniquely offers email subscriptions, which enables you to sign up to online newsletters and mailing lists and have them delivered straight to your RSS reader instead of your inbox. It's a genuinely useful feature, even if mailing lists have mostly been superseded by the world of blogging and RSS.