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CyberLink DVD Suite v6 Ultra review

“The ultimate DVD playback and creativity suite?”

CyberLink's editing is good, but playback is even better

Our Verdict

Great products, but quite costly


  • User-friendly interface
  • Great for disc-burning
  • Ten applications included in package


  • Pricey
  • Basic set of features

Perhaps the name CyberLink is familiar to you.

Chances are it's because you've bought a PC that had PowerDVD bundled with it.

It's actually one of the better apps that pre-built systems often come with, but there is merit in the full, paid-for suite from CyberLink, and v6 now includes plenty of features for high-definition discs, too.

Comprehensive Video-editing suite

The new suite includes ten full applications for your video discs, including the heavyweights of PowerDVD 7.3, PowerDirector 6.5, PowerProducer 4.2 and PowerDVD Copy.

Video-editing tools can prove quite expensive, but for basic home videos CyberLink DVD Suite appears to have it all. You'll want Adobe Premier Elements for better features and more advanced effects, but if you're taking your first steps in home DVD creating then CyberLink stands up well.

Better still, you don't even need to glance at a manual to use it - it's straightforward, priding itself on good-looking templates and a friendly interface.

Backup, burn DVDs and label

CyberLink's editing is good, but playback is even better.

The free version bundled with many PCs is often ignored, but PowerDVD has plenty to offer, especially as Blu-ray and HD DVD discs can be watched. Yet what clinches the deal for this suite are the post-editing features of backup and disc authoring.

Burning is much like Roxio or Nero and the new search function (via tags and filenames) is actually rather speedy. The Vista Sidebar gadget is, again, much like Nero and is a nice way to burn discs just by dragging items onto it.

Great for beginners

LightScribe and Labelflash technologies are also supported and if your printer's up to it you can design a snazzy-looking disc, too. It may not be as refined as higher-end products, but there's a lot to get out of the suite.

At £65 it's a little on the expensive side, especially as you're already likely to have a DVD playback and burning program, but it's a good platform for a beginner.