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Cyberpower Infinity XT Ultimate review

Small, perfectly formed and surprisingly punchy

This offering from Cyberpower is well future-proofed

Our Verdict

A powerful slice of tomorrow tech, that's available today, albeit at a rather hefty price


  • Great future-proof performance

    An overclockers dream

    Stylishly cool chassis


  • Not exactly cheap

New memory technologies are thankfully rare beasts. The last was DDR2 and to say its reception was lukewarm would be a massive understatement.

In truth it was awful, at least until the operating frequency was upped to a level that actually justified its release. So will DDR3 suffer a similar faltering start? Apparently not, at least if this CyberPower rig is anything to go by: DDR3 already looks like it's going to kick its predecessor's butt.

Packing an impressive 2GB of 1333Mhz DDR3, this machine produces excellent results in both synthetic and real world tests - a far cry from the release of DDR2.

This isn't all though - not content with letting the new technology strut its stuff unmolested, CyberPower has turned up the pressure and overclocked both the processor and the memory too.

The memory is running on lower than prescribed latencies of 8-6-5-12 as opposed to 9-9-9-24, while the E6700 CPU, which usually strolls along at 2.67GHz, is notched up to 3GHz.

The important point about this overclock is not so much that it means you get extra frames per second (although we're not about to complain about such things), but that it proves DDR3 isn't being pushed to its limits.

This is amazing for a new technology and shows that there's plenty of room for pushing this memory further. This is an eminently overclockable motherboard too, which all helps to produce a stunning package for the would-be-tinkerer.

An over-clocked processor and new memory aren't the only points of interest with this rig. Apart from the pair of 250GB hard drives arranged as a striped array, an X-Fi soundcard and quality keyboard and mouse, this machine is also home to a new spin of ATI's latest graphics card, the 1GB Radeon HD 2900 XT.

You read that right, the 1GB edition. That's a lot of memory by anyone's standard. In testing this had mixed results: some games saw small increases in performance, while others bumped up by anything up to 20 per cent, which isn't too shabby.

Almost two grand is obviously a large whack of money to pay for any PC, but what sets this system apart is the fact that it provides you with much better future proofing than most.

We may be sounding like a stuck record here, but CyberPower has managed to do it again - another amazing rig at a (relatively) good price.