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Teuful iTeufel review

This new speaker brings German design to Apple's world

Teuful iTeufel-Main
Provided you have an older,compatible iPod, you'll find the iTeufel a good performer at a good price point

Our Verdict

Great looks, pleasant sound quality, but not compatible with the latest iPods


  • Great volume indicator
  • Looks good in Apple white
  • Good enough sound quality


  • Not compatible with latest iPods
  • Not iPhone compatible either
  • No syncing capability with Mac

This iTeufel is one Teufel's new iPod-compatible offerings, which will charge your iPod as it plays.

Your iPod sits pretty in a docking station nestled into a universal dock between the two speakers, while there's also a very heavy sub that sits on the floor, presumably somewhere under a desk.

You also get a remote control with basic functions. The iTeufel comes resplendent in Apple white, with an aluminium top to the sub unit that resembles the Mac mini's styling.

Audio performance

The sound quality is good enough, but not outstanding. The sub produces a warm, rich sound, that some might criticise for being perhaps a bit muffled, but we rather liked it.

Our main gripe was with the middle and top end ranges from the other speakers, which sounded merely average to us. On the whole, though, it's a decent enough sound quality for home use.

We also loved the Apple-like design and especially the volume control knob, which uses a glowing blue light to indicate your current volume level as you turn it. The volume knob also functions as an off/on switch, and when you turn the iTeufel off the light treads a slow circuit back to zero before powering off.

iPod support

It's all sounding good so far, except that the iTeufel loses points for not being compatible with the latest iPods. The iPod nano 4th generation, iPod classic 120GB and iPod touch 2nd generation can't be used with the iPod because of the way it charges once docked.

Apple changed the way its latest generation charges from the old FireWire standard to USB and not all manufacturers have been quick enough off the mark to upgrade their speaker docks. There's a notice on Teufel's website that says that if you connect one of the latest iPods you run the risk of damaging it, so we didn't dare pop one in to see what happened.

Provided you have an older, compatible iPod, you'll find the iTeufel a good performer at a good price point. We'd have liked some capability to sync our iPod with our Mac once docked, but few iPod docking stations have this feature, so we can't criticise it too heavily.

On the whole not a bad effort at all, but Teufel needs to work on the compatibility issues.