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Roth RothDock review

Stream your music while charging your iPod or iPhone

Roth RothDock
RothDock lets you take it easy and control your iPod from your sofa, while it streams

Our Verdict

We love the ease of use but want dock adaptors


  • No configuration necessary
  • Good with iPhone and iPod
  • Handy remote control


  • No video streaming

You can buy an inexpensive cable to connect your iPod to your stereo, but the RothDock offers a more elegant solution.

It's a docking station that wirelessly streams your music from your iPod or iPhone to a receiver connected to your stereo via a 3.5mm line-in cable or supplied RCA connector, while it charges your iPod at the same time.

It's a neat solution because it also gives you a remote control, so you can change tracks from the comfort of your sofa (if you have line of site to the base station). There's no configuration needed – just plug it in.

On the downside, it uses two wall sockets since you need to plug both the wireless base station and the wireless receiver in.

Everything works well – sound quality is great, there are no dropouts. The remote can also be used to navigate the menu system on your iPod, so you can rate tracks, change volume, etc, all with ease. It has a range of 10m, which should be enough to stream to a stereo in another room.

Our only niggle is that there are no dock adaptors in the box for the various iPods (although you can buy them separately). Smaller iPods are okay, but the iPhone wobbles. We occasionally got a "This product is not designed for iPhone" message when connecting our iPhone, but as this only appeared intermittently it could've been caused by the wobbly connection, as it worked fine in our iPhone test.

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