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IT nerds get courses in flirting by email

Lessons in love, PHP and HTML

We can think of more than a few people who would benefit from a revolutionary new course at a university in Germany that promises to bestow social skills on even the geekiest of nerds.

Potsdam University's 440 IT master's students will not just learn about C++, PHP and Javascript, but will also be given lessons in joining the world of work smoothly and even in flirting.


The tech nerds will be taught vital skills like public speaking and stress management, as well as less-obvious matters that include how to write flirty emails and text messages.

Justifying the headline-grabbing move, a university spokesman explained, "We want to prepare our students with the social skills needed to succeed both in their private life and their work life."

Ever sensible, the German university course planners have also included an element in something that's bound to crop up eventually – coping with rejection.