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NTT intros new type of 3D screen

There's no need to wear special 3D glasses with NTT's new 3D LCD screens

Japanese telecoms giant NTT has introduced a new type of 3D LCD screen that won't strain your eyes, and doesn't even require you to wear special 3D glasses.

Created by NTT and Hitachi Displays, the 3D LCD screen - called SpaceIllusion - consists of two LCDs that sit 10mm apart. The screens display slightly different images but all you'll see is the 2D images appearing as a 3D image, according to reports.

2D becomes 3D

SpaceIllusion "displays images without physiological unnaturalness in comparison with conventional 3D glasses type of screens," NTT said at Japanese consumer electronics show, CEATEC.

You'll get the best effect by sitting about a metre away from the screen. And if you don't fancy some 3D action, you can also flip off the 3D effect to show 2D images only.