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Fuji Xerox shows full-colour electronic paper

Fuji Xerox's prototype e-paper is capable of photo-realistic images

The International Display Workshops event currently taking place in Japan is mostly a trade show, although that doesn't mean there are no futuristic gadgets for us to bring you. One of the brightest stars of the show so far has been a full-colour electronic paper prototype from

Fuji Xerox


As the photo shows, the e-paper display can show more colours than the two or three we've typically seen in prototypes from other companies to date, but Fuji Xerox wouldn't confirm the exact technical specifications.

Gelatinous colours

It did say, however, that the 105 x 148mm sheet (A6 equivalent) is flexible and that its colour (RGB) liquid crystals are held in a gelatine matrix. Quite what that means is about as clear as mud, but the end result is visibly impressive.

The nature of the workshop event means there are very few details beyond that vague outline. But Fuji Xerox does have plans to scale the technology up to create an A4 display at some point, so here's hoping for some e-books that aren't as dull as the current models before long.