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Biometric gym machines for better workouts

Medimo users will be able to track their exercise patterns and plan what to do next

Trips to the gym could become both easier and more productive if Fukui Computer's biometrics-based exercise machines find a receptive market.

The company's 'medimo' exercise machines feature not only finger-vein-authentication technology, but are also networked to a central computer that remembers every person in its database.

Computer in charge

Instead of using written charts to record exercises progress, users simply touch the biometric sensor attached to each piece of equipment to access a complete history of their gym work, including what they've done and how many calories they've burned.

The obvious advantage of a computerised workout record is that it makes it easier to chart progress and to plan the next stage in the regime. On top of that, the ¥1.8 million (£8,700) machines all automatically adjust their seats, handlebars and resistance to suit each user. Now if only they could actually do the workouts too.