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Dell launches Wasabi inkless printer

Dell Wasabi - uses heat instead of ink
Dell Wasabi - uses heat instead of ink

If you are one of the many people who use their mobile phone for things other than making calls – crazy we know – then the Dell Wasabi printer could be for you.

Dell's Wasabi PZ310 Printer is a mere 4.8in x 2.8in x 0.9in in size and weighs just seven ounces.

The Wasabi either prints via Bluetooth from laptops and mobile phones or through USB. Unless you have an iPhone, then you are out of luck as the printer isn't compatible.

As for the pictures, they can be printed to a size of 2in x 3in.

No ink

The standout feature of the Wasabi has to be that it uses no ink to print. This is because the printer utilises paper from Zinc imaging which is embedded with special yellow, magenta and cyan dye crystals.

The printer essentially heats up particular parts of the paper to produce the photograph.

"The Dell Wasabi is the fourth product available using the Zink technology, with many more on the way, including those capable of making larger prints," said Wendy Caswell, president of Zink Imaging, about the product.

The printer is out now, at the promotional price of $99 (£68). Its regular price will be $149 (£103).

There's no word if and when the Wasabi will hit the UK.