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Apple extends Liquidmetal exclusivity deal

Apple extends Liquidmetal exclusivity deal
Shiny shiny metal object with big price tag

Apple has added a further two years onto its exclusivity deal for the Liquidmetal technology, which also includes future updates to the tech.

Liquidmetal is a metal alloy which is super strong and boasts a range of unique properties, apparently making it perfect for consumer products.

Apple has only used the technology once so far, and that was for the small SIM card tray ejector tool for the iPhone 3G.

iPhone 5 arriving too soon for Liquidmetal?

There are rumblings in the rumour jungle that the iPhone 5 could sport a Liquidmetal chassis, however not everyone agrees with that suggestion.

Apple Insider reports that the inventor of Liquidmetal, Dr. Atakan Peker, was quoted back in May saying a company would need to pour $300-$500 (£190-£320) million into development over a three year period minimum to make the tech viable.

Apple now has the exclusive access until February 2014, and we can be pretty sure that it will release several devices featuring Liquidmetal designs before the deal is up.

From Apple Insider