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Reddit apologizes for 'witch hunts' following Boston Marathon attacks

Boston water color
Can Reddit recover after Boston fall out?

Reddit General Manager Erik Martin took to the site's public policy blog today to offer thoughts and an apology for what's transpired there in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings.

While serving as a place for information and support, many considered the crowd-sourcing going on at Reddit (and elsewhere) to be counterproductive to official activity and harmful to innocent people, which it apparently was.

"[Though] started with noble intentions, some of the activity on Reddit fueled online witch hunts and dangerous speculation which spiraled into very negative consequences for innocent parties," wrote Martin, linking to a story on missing Brown University student Sunil Tripathi, whom some Redditors tied to the bombings.

Reddit has a personal information policy in place to try to avoid these types of situations, but in this case, the rules fell perilously short.

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