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"Unseen levels of amplifier power!"

Cambridge Audio's award-winning Azur electronics line-up is set to expand this Christmas with the launch of a new high-power preamp and power amp solution.

The flagship amplification will join the Azur 840 series - Cambridge's top-of-the-range electronics - and will offer buyers unseen levels of amplifier power from the UK brand.

Big amps, small cost

The move towards a two-box amp solution illustrates the high-end aspirations of the 840 series and offers audiophiles a more 'purist' approach to getting the best amplification for a range of source components.

The 840E preamp (£750) uses Cambridge Audio's proprietary 'Terrapin' amp module technology in place of the usual op-amps found in the low-level gain stages, which is said to offer "the very best audio performance possible".

It also has a whopping eight nameable inputs, two of which are balanced XLR types, which can be used with partnering devices, such as Cambridge Audio's 840C upsampling CD player, or the matching 840W power amp.

Speaking of which, the 840W (£1,000 each) uses the brand's innovative in-house Class XD amp technology - now in its second generation - to provide a colossal 200 watts of power, that's bridgeable to 500 watts in mono mode! Class XD offers Class A operation at lower power levels, moving smoothly into an enhanced version of Class B.