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Sharp's 1TB HD TV recorder does simple too

The Sharp Aquos DV-ACW90 boasts a massive 1TB hard drive

It might not have a Blu-ray deck on board, but Sharp's latest HDD/DVD recorder has something even better - a 1TB hard drive that can hold hundreds of hours of high-definition broadcasts.

The Aquos-branded DV-ACW90 includes that monster hard drive - strictly speaking, it's 1,000GB, not 1,024GB - and will cost ¥160,000 (£781) when it hits Japanese shops on 20 March.

One-button recording

Perhaps as a sop to the usual insanely complex options that come with a machine like this, Sharp has introduced a simpler way to record what you want.

A button marked News/Weather tells the ACW90 to seek and record the latest news and/or weather bulletins with no need for sifting through EPG schedules.

Otherwise, the recorder can write to DVD-R/RW and DVD-R DL disks and has one analogue and two digital TV tuners. It can also record from a tuner in a connected TV if necessary and can pull photos off cameras and phones by USB or infrared.