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Confirmed: Latest OS X won't work on Atom netbooks

OS X no longer coming to a netbook near you
OS X no longer coming to a netbook near you

Apple's latest build for Mac OS X has been changed to not run on Intel's Atom processors, much to the dismay of the 'hackintosh' community that specialise in running the operating system on PCs.

Rumours of the change surfaced earlier in the month after the release of the developer build, and users have confirmed that this is the case.

One of the favourite tricks of the hackintosh brigade has been running OS X on netbooks, but Apple has now cut that off with build 10.6.2, which will not run on computers that use an Atom processor.

This rules out the majority of netbooks, with Intel's low-power chip the industry standard for the low-cost, small form-factor computers.


According to Tom's Hardware, Atom powered PCs that try to run the latest Mac OS X either fail to boot or go into a reboot loop.

Obviously Apple would prefer nobody to put its proprietary operating system on anything but its own computers, and the company has fought for years to cut off non-official systems.

However, systems that use Intel processors that are not Atom will apparently not be affected.

Via Tom's Hardware