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Apple I motherboard sells at auction for almost £250,000

Apple I motherboard sells at auction for almost £250,000
Old school Apple gear: Expensive

A motherboard from the first computer ever made by Apple has sold at auction for an astonishing $374,000 (£238,000), reaching twice its expected sale price.

The component from the Apple I computer designed and built in 1976 by Apple co-founder Steve Wosniak was originally sold for $666 (£423).

Only 200 of the iconic wooden-boxed machines were ever built, Auctioneers Sotheby's says it is one of six left in the world that still work and one of only 50 that still exist.

It was originally expected to fetch $180,000 (£114,000), but a bidding war between two extremely keen enthusiasts drove up the price.

From the hand of Steve

Additionally, a different buyer paid $27,500 for a four-page memo written by Steve Jobs to his then-employees Atari.

The letter was addressed to his boss and focused on how Atari could improve the World Cup Football game.

That lot also fetched double the estimated figure. It seems that it's not just Apple's share price that's spiralling out of control.

Via: The Verge