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How to stalk your girlfriend with GPS

How to stalk your girlfriend with GPS!
How to stalk your girlfriend with GPS!

Xact Technology used CES to launch its compact XACT|TRAX device, a portable GPS locator that enables you track anything (or anyone) over the Internet.

While the technology itself offers nothing new, XACT|TRAX is a subscription-free service. The location of the GPS device can be monitored via a web portal, with location requests shown on a map.

XACT|TRAX owners can also set what are called 'geo-fences', invisible boundaries that send alerts by email or text message if the GPS locator device strays outside them.

Accurate GPS tracking

"XACT|TRAX personal tracking device provides peace of mind that parents and property owners have long been seeking," said William Acevedo, VP of Product Development, Xact Technology.

"For example, if I want to know when my child gets home from school, I can set a recurring schedule for a daily notification at 3:30 pm and set a geographical boundary "geo-fence" at 100 feet from my home address.

"Then, as the locator enters the set perimeter, I'll receive an automatic SMS (text) notifying me that the device and my child has entered the area and my child is home safe."

No pricing or availability has been revealed.