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DRDB anger at talkSPORT owners' statement

DRDB - not happy with UTV
DRDB - not happy with UTV

The Digital Radio Development Bureau has reacted furiously to a statement by UTV – the owner of TalkSport – that Digital Radio is in decline.

Following the announcement that digital radio sales had topped 10 million, UTV's Scott Taunton suggested that sales growth was 'in reverse' something that has immediately sparked a war of words with the always-vociferous DRDB.

"Managing Director Scott Taunton says sales growth is in reverse, pointing out that in 2008 2.2 million DAB sets were sold (in fact it was 2.1 million), but in 2009 to date, only 1.3 million sets have been sold," said the DRDB.

No Christmas

"Scott seems to have taken a full year's sales in 2008, including the big Christmas period, and compared it with 10 months in 2009.

"If you compare like for like, i.e. 10 months sales in 2008 versus the same 10 months in 2009, you get almost the same figures. To whit: Sales to end October 2009 are 1.36 million. Sales to end October 2008 1.37 million."

It's an argument unlikely to be resolved quickly – with digital radio still battling for the recognition it feels it deserves.