Pay as you go call centre launches

Pay as you go call centre launches
Get your own call centre from £10 per month
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Manchester-based LeanCall, launches a new 'pay as you go' call centre solution aimed at small and medium sized businesses with costs starting from as little as £10 a month

Call centres are one of those things you need to grow your business, but they're notoriously expensive to run, and are way out of the reach for most small businesses. LeanCall understood this and has created a call centre that you can pay for, on a call by call basis, has no up-front setup costs, and all you need to set the service up is a computer, a headset and a web connection.

Users of the system download the free call centre application to their PC, they then create a script for the LeanCall agents to use and can assign any number of agents to make the calls via the web interface, the call centre offering is scalable, and available for 1 to 200 call centre agents.

LeanCalls free call centre application software

LeanCalls free call centre application software

To start a campaign all you need is to upload the numbers you want called – LeanCall can help with this if you don't have any – and the system does the rest, it automatically calls the numbers, assigns a live agent to the call, logs the calls, and can optionally record the calls, if that's required.There's also integration into Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Sage ACT, as well as a host of other add-ons available.

Pricing plans start from free, with a 2.5p connection charge and no call recording, through to a full solution at £45 per month with no call connection charges, call recording and lifetime storage of the calls.

Outbound telesales campaign from £10 per month

Managing Director Sam Bashton said, "Leancall is the only 'pay as you go' call centre solution on the market and an outbound telesales campaign can be created for as little as £10 a month. No hardware is needed; just a computer, headset and internet connection.

"Within two years we are aiming to be the number one provider of this technology and the management team's mix of technical and marketing skills is perfectly suiting to bringing to market a cloud based predictive dialler and call tracking solution."