Study finds just 4% of UK firms fully adopting BYOD

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Only a small number of UK firms are fully adopting 'bring your own device' (BYOD) trends in the workplace, according to research.

In its third annual Trends in Enterprise Mobililty study, IT trade association CompTIA found that just 4% have a full BYOD policy, which sees employees provide all of their own devices.

It also found that less than half (44%) have a partial BYOD strategy, meaning that 55% of companies in the UK have yet to adopt BYOD.

CompTIA acquired its results through an online survey of 250 end users in March.

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Of those surveyed, 28% said that they currently have official mobility policies in place, while 31% are working toward implementing them. More than half of UK companies still handle all mobile device deployment and do not allow outside devices.

Seth Robinson, director of Technology Analysis at CompTIA, said: "Policy formation is an important step in building a mobility plan that aligns with business objectives.

"By drawing various lines of business together and discussing the business requirements along with any IT concerns, companies can set priorities and establish procedures for addressing issues as changes are needed."

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