Whitepaper: Future of inkjet printing

(Image credit: Shutterstock.com / TMLsPhotoG)

With businesses of all sizes eager to keep their advantage ahead of the competition, technology has become one of the most vital ways to stay out front.

Analytics and cloud have quickly become two crucial drivers for digital change, but how can these technologies help accelrate supply chain digital transformation in the printing market?

We've teamed up with HP on a new whitepaper covering topics such as: 

  •  Trends in the digital inkjet market 
  •  Current market results and forecasts for the future 
  •  What are the key factors and trends? 
  •  Advantages of inkjet printers compared to analog ones 
  •  Advances in inkjet technology 
  •  Future markets and growth sectors 
  •  Opportunities for those investing in inkjet printing 

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