Why security doesn’t need to take a holiday

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Summer is now in full swing, and although we aren't able to jet off to far-flung foreign destinations this year, that's no reason to not take a proper break from work.

However if you're taking some time off, you might want to double-check that all your most treasured devices remain safe and secure, so you aren't caught short.

The sad truth is that hackers don't take a holiday, and cybercrime is a year-round threat - but don't worry, we've compiled some top security tips to make sure you stay protected, wherever you end up this summer.

Secure all of your devices, all of the time

As the technology world develops, most of us now own and use multiple connected devices both at work and at home. Asides from laptops and PCs, almost all of us have smartphones, tablets and other pocket-sized devices - but despite how important they are, mobile devices often get left behind when it comes to security awareness, despite being incredibly powerful computing products which are often continually connected to the internet.

We don't just use our phones for calls and texts anymore, but for watching video, playing games, and taking and storing precious photos - so why would you not give your mobile devices as much protection as your work laptop?

Bitdefender Family Pack  isn't just for desktop or laptop PCs, but can also protect mobile devices. Covering Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, including several generations of each software, protection can be extended over up to 15 devices per household, keeping your family safe online, whatever device is being used.

Use parental controls to keep the whole family safe

Many youngsters have enjoyed a slightly unexpected break from school this year, but now the traditional summer holidays are well under way, there's not much to keep kids away from their smart devices.

Although they may not be getting distracted from school work any more, the danger of smartphones, tablets and more could be one that is again sometimes unappreciated. Criminals often prey on websites and gaming platforms to try and exploit any lack of proper security knowledge, with children typically targeted by scams that can see them give away personal information and even financial losses.

Fortunately, Bitdefender Family Pack  can help keep all the members of your family safe online. As well as spotting all the latest threats, the platform comes with advanced parental controls that mean parents can build and monitor the entire family's online activities.

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Install a VPN to beef up your protection

Although many of us might not be able to go overseas this year, there is still an opportunity to feel like you're a different country - albeit online.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) software keeps you safe online by masking your internet connection, making it appear that you are based in a different country or region of your choosing. This should mean that advertisers and websites are unable to track your internet surfing or snoop on your location, giving you the freedom to browse without restrictions. 

Bitdefender Family Pack  comes with a comprehensive and recently improved VPN service that's perfect for all the family. Providing 200MB of data traffic per day at no extra cost, you and your family will be able to safely stream online video, shop online and much more just like you would if you were at home.

Don't be tempted to check work email - but if you do, stay secure

With many of us opting for "staycations" this year, the temptation to quickly check work emails or updates might be greater than ever. If you're holidaying at home, you may have signed off for a few days, but that's no reason to let up on your security when away from work. 

Making sure "holiday brain" doesn't affect our devices is never easy, as that feeling of rest and relaxation (plus other kinds of "refreshments") might mean that if you do slyly check your emails, you may be more likely to slip up and unwittingly open up a scam link or email.

Hackers rarely take a holiday, and with peak events like school results day and bank holiday on the horizon, criminals often use these are lures to trick victims with phishing emails, 

imitating a legitimate company in an attempt to steal login details or personal information.

However such emails can be easy to spot, so make sure to educate the whole family to watch for obvious spelling, imaging or formatting errors, malicious links or are sent from an unfamiliar email address.

To back this all up, Bitdefender Family Pack  is able to cover all your security needs, packing in phishing alerts, malware blockers and antivirus to keep the whole family safe from all the latest threats.