Why a password manager could be your most vital security tool

Password Security
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As every business knows, staying secure is vital to success - no matter what industry you're in, keeping your data and your workers safe is paramount. But with cyberattacks a worryingly increasing threat, the consequences of being hit are more serious than ever.

In order to stay protected, your business needs a comprehensive suite of security offerings - it's no longer enough to just rely on a standard firewall or antivirus. You need to make sure everything important stays safe - and that includes passwords.

Having a strong and effective password manager allows your business and your employees to create and share unique, strong passwords easily.


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1Password has become one of the biggest players in the market in recent years, and whether you're a small business looking to grow, or a larger enterprise aiming to keep a widespread workforce safe, it has something for you.

The company recently passed 100,000 business customers worldwide, so what makes it such an effective security partner?

To start with, 1Password is secure by design, and any information you store is end-to-end encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption, offering not just incredibly tough security, but also meaning that only you can decrypt your data.

Passwords are only as strong as the people that create them, and using a password manager is a great way to ensure weak logins don't give criminals a backdoor into your business. 1Password is the only password manager to combine a Master Password with a unique, locally generated, 128-bit Secret Key to authenticate, and its zero-knowledge architecture means the data you save can’t be accessed by anyone else, even the company itself.

1Password also comes with compliance built-in, giving you one less thing to worry about as your business grows. As well as conforming to all the top industry security standards, the platform also offers you the chance to create customised security policies, firewall rules, and access priorities. You can get all the visibility you need through analytics tailored to your business, allowing you to really dig into the data, with activity logs to help you track vital data for any audit trails.

To keep you protected from even the latest dangers, 1Password also offers advanced threat monitoring protection, with its Watchtower tool automatically alerting not just when a major breach occurs on sites you use, but also flagging potential weak spots in terms of login information, unsecured websites, and expiring items.

And if the worst does occur and you think you’ve been exposed in a data breach, 1Password can issue customizable email notifications to anyone that may have been affected, as well as examining and filtering breach results in terms of seriousness.

There's even two-factor authentication to give that extra layer of protection, allowing you to use authenticator apps, security keys or other systems to keep your data safe.

So if this sounds like the way to go, get in touch with 1Password today - you can even sign up for a 14-day trial of its Teams or Business account to make sure it's exactly what you're looking for.