US Defence agency reports data breach

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The US Defence Information Systems Agency (DISA) has been hit by a major data breach that compromised its entire network.

The breach is thought to have have taken place between May and July last year, exposing personal data of over 200,000 people, with information including names and social security numbers leaked.

DISA is responsible for communications and IT support for the US President, Vice President, their staff, the U.S. Secret Service, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other key members of armed forces. It also looks after military cyber-security and sets up communication networks in war zones.

Data breach

While DISA did suggest that the data might not yet have been misused, it did not provide any further details concerning the breach.

The agency is said to employ around 8000 military and civilian employees but handles the data of many other individuals through various operations. 

A spokesperson said, “DISA has conducted a thorough investigation of this incident and taken appropriate measures to secure the network,”. He added, "DoD networks are under attack daily and the department maintains an active posture to thwart those attacks." 

DISA has sent out letters to possible victims informing them about the breach, which notes that after the agency uncovered the attack, it investigated and fixed the issue to prevent further breaches.

The agency has also confirmed that it will share details on how to mitigate any damage caused and will also offer free credit services to affected victims. 

Via: Reuters

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