Travel outside the solar system for Exo Rally’s ‘brutally realistic’ racing simulator

A rally car speeding across an alien landscape
(Image credit: Future Friends Games)

Australian indie studio Exbleative has finally showcased its next game, Exo Rally Championship, an off-road intergalactic racing simulation that’ll keep you on your toes. 

Exo Rally Championship is “the galaxy’s most dangerous off-road racing event” where players will be able to race through remote, unexplored, and treacherous exoplanets far beyond our known solar system. Though be warned, it looks to be as hard as it sounds as this racing simulation is “brutally realistic” with players having to fight “for every second on [their] quest to become a champion”. 

The reveal trailer depicted space-age RCS thruster-enhanced rovers charging full speed ahead across uneven and unwelcoming terrain, flipping upside down and skidding across the edges of vast canyons. Players will speed between waypoints on procedurally generated stages filled with “hardware-breaking weather and terrain challenges”, in a bid to come out top dog.  

Exo Rally’s first person perspective is a great way to get thrown straight into the action head-first, with a clean UI the focus really is on all of the action that you’ll be experiencing. Couple this with features such as fuel-limited RCS-style thrusters, deep vehicle customization, and a rich career mode that’ll see you start your racing career as a rookie underdog who climbs the ranks to champion driver and you have yourself one immersive experience. 

Despite being procedurally generated to ensure that no one race is the same, there is an option to share seeds with friends to generate the same stages and compete against each other for the best times.  

Exo Rally will be available to play on PC via Steam with a release window of 2024, but if you can’t wait for the as of yet unknown release date then check out our best racing games list for more adrenaline fuelled fast-paced motorcar action.  

Elie Gould
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