Sophos aims to deliver big protection for smaller companies

Sophos hopes to simplify security for SMEs

Security firm Sophos has updated its Unified Threat Management System (UTM), improving a number of features and bringing its big company threat protection to 'small and midsize' businesses (SMBs).

Updates to the system have focused on the rapid identification of infected clients in a network, as well as preventing communication between the client and potentially malicious command and control hosts.

Universities and schools appear to be a target audience, as new features that include WiFi and VPN mobile device management and transparent web filtering as a way for companies to "take back control" of their network's users.

No need for experts

The latest version of the Sophos UTM comes with botnet protection and cloud-based sandboxing to add an extra level to multi-layer firewall, web and email protection. With the new release Sophos is also hoping that the speed of threat detection will be significantly enhanced.

Sophos is, according to a company statement, aiming to simplify complex technologies for its clients. Automatic encryption and policy setup will allow end users to install protection for their companies easily, the company claims.

"For organizations with limited IT resources, investing time and money in a dedicated ATP solution to detect early signs [of infection] is simply not realistic, given how tricky, complex and fast moving this type of traffic is," said Chris Kraft, vice president of Product Management at Sophos. "That's what we wanted to change. Today, with a few simple clicks, users get advanced protection without needing to be full-time security experts themselves."