Windows 10 Insiders can live on the Edge with latest preview build

Windows 10

Microsoft has changed the branding for its latest browser from Project Spartan to Microsoft Edge on the latest Insider Preview build. Even though Microsoft is working to polish Windows 10 ahead of the summer launch, Build 10158 brings a few new features to the operating system in addition the browser rebranding.

For owners of hybrids and convertibles, Continuum has been improved on the latest build with new animations and support for Windows Store apps alongside classic Win32 apps while in tablet mode.

In the Start menu, you can swipe up from the left side to open All apps. And like on Windows Phone, you can now click on a letter in All apps to quickly get to your apps under that letter – for example, clicking "M" would show you all the apps that start with M.

Living on the Edge

Because Microsoft Edge is listed with a new app ID compared to the Project Spartan browser, upgrading to Edge will mean that you will lose your settings and bookmarks. To preserve your settings, you should perform the following before upgrading to the Build 10158:

  • Copy your favorites from %localappdata%/Packages/Microsoft.Windows.Spartan_cw5n1h2txyewy/AC/Spartan/User/Default/Favorites.
  • Save them to %userprofile%/Favorites.
  • After upgrading to the next build open Microsoft Edge, choose Settings, and you'll see an option to import favorites from another browser. Choose Internet Explorer to import the favorites you saved in your %userprofile% directory into Microsoft Edge.

Edge now allows you to import favorites and bookmarks from other browsers, customize the New Tab page and remember your passwords and form-fill settings.

Additionally, to be consistent with the UI for Windows 10, Microsoft Edge also has a dark theme.


Cortana now has a dark theme to match the rest of the operating system, which means that activating the digital assistant won't be so jarring with the new Windows 10 desktop background. Cortana also includes alerts, so you can track commute time, flights and package information, a feature that is similar to what Google offers on Google Now.

Additionally, like on the latest preview build of Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 Build 10158 for desktop also enables sending an email with your voice.

"For example – you would say something like "Email Gabe Aul Super Awesome Window Feedback…" and then what you want the message to say. You can even make corrections with your voice," Microsoft said in a blog post.

For companies that have opted into the First Release for Office 365, Cortana is now integrated into the suite.

New Photos app

An update to the Photos app is now available through the Windows Store Beta that now supports animated GIFs. Users can now choose which app to open their photos with.

"We've added a "Open with" button in the photo viewer. While viewing a photo, click the "…" icon at the top right and choose "Open with," Microsoft said.

Windows 10

Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will launch on July 29. The operating system will be available as a free upgrade during the first year of release for customers updating from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1.

For ineligible customers, Windows 10 is priced at $129 for the Home edition, while Windows 10 Pro will cost $199. In Eurozone countries, Windows 10 Home is expected to retail for £99.99 in the UK and €135 in Europe.

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