Final version of Windows 10 set to be release in June

Windows 10
Windows 10 RTM should arrive in June

Windows 10 will be ready for its release to manufacturers (RTM) in June in order for it to be inside computers by the time back-to-school purchases begin to ramp up come August.

NeoWin has heard the new operating system will be completed by June when it will be hastily delivered to manufacturers that will then be able to deliver it inside hardware set for consumers.

Microsoft has traditionally released its OS RTM versions in August thus meaning it ended up in hardware for consumers in October and the change of tack is another example of the shift in attitude under new CEO Satya Nadella.

Windows for a monthly fee?

It has also set off the rumour mill regarding the new itineration of its Surface Pro laptop-tablet hybrid that came out in June last year and should arrive at a similar time this year to again take advantage of those same prospective shoppers.

With Microsoft trademarking Windows 365, the company is increasingly shifting towards a subscription-based version of the OS that will be constantly updated and backed up for a small monthly fee. Though this new method of charging for an OS hinges on the impressive early performance of Windows 10 as a completely free OS, which is by no means set in stone.

Is it really worth abandoning OS X for Windows 10?

Source: Neowin