NTT: Why getting to grips with your technology will be key for success

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The head of NTT has revealed more on how the tech giant is working towards a successful future.

Speaking at the company's NTT Connected Futures media summit recently, global CEO Jason Goodall outlined how the 120-year-old company is planning its next steps as a newly-amalgamated business.

The new NTT Ltd, encompassing a number of around 28 existing business units including the likes of Dimension Data and NTT DoCoMo, was unveiled back in July, marking the end of a lengthy process for the company.


Goodall revealed that NTT counts around 300,000 workers around the world, thanks to a presence in 88 countries and regions, with a customer list that includes more than 85 of the Fortune 100.

The company also spent $3.6bn on research and development last year, with only IBM filing more than NTT's 16,000-odd patents.

But with such a wealth of knowledge and expertise being moulded into a new multi-national giant, the challenge for Goodall and his team is to remain focused on what sets NTT apart, and what will be needed to ensure future success.

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NTT will also now look to offer a more effective way of "cross-selling" more of the services and platforms its new expanded company offers.

"We have this massive depth of capability," Goodall said. "On the one hand, we don't really need to build or buy a lot more, we have enough.

"We have 15,000 clients, so we don't really need to go out there and hunt for new clients. What we do need to do is bring that capability to those clients."

"It's incredibly hard for any company that isn't a tech company to keep up...(so) the cross-sell opportunity is huge," Goodall added, noting that NTT's top hundred clients average revenues of $15 million a year." Now if we can take this much broader value proposition to this client base it's a huge opportunity."

"Our clients are telling us they prefer doing business with us and there is more value when we collaborate," he said. "The way we see the market moving, and in order to help our clients on some of those transitions and transformations in the market, we believe that you need to have a broader capability, and we couldn't do that in siloed companies."

"So the driving force is overwhelmingly to try and create a more differentiated value proposition to our clients. It's so we are more successful, and we can sell more, higher value services to make more margin for our clients to see the value. That's the journey."

"Working together is better than working's not about our success, but our client's success."

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