HiIlary Clinton discusses net neutrality during Dreamforce 2014

HIllary Clinton at Dreamforce 2014
Hillary Clinton discussing net neutrality with Karl Schwab

Dreamforce 2014 has kicked off this week with day two making headlines thanks to keynote speaker Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"Ethics are as important as electronics. Corporate responsibility is highly prized. That's a model not just for this industry, but the world," Clinton stated while touting the importance of the Dreamforce conference.

The former First Lady then dove into the meaty subject of net neutrality while in dialogue with Professor Klaus Schwab, the founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum.

Freedom of internet speech

Keeping the internet an open space is no easy task. Clinton noted that the determination to "control the internet, shut it down and whittle it down" interfere with freedoms that are outlined as core values found in the Bill of Rights.

Clinton explained that during her tenure, the US Department of State "kept trying to spend money to defend those rights." Her statements also made it clear that the fight to maintaing internet freedom is both a domestic and international issue:

"I will tell all of you here this is an ongoing struggle with more oppressive regimes worldwide who want more control over the Internet, shut it down and interfere with people's freedoms."

Clinton applauded President Obama's current stance on net neutrality adding that she "hopes our side wins."