Oracle launches iPad app for RightNow

Contact centre
Oracle beefs up customer service in the cloud

Oracle has released the latest version of Oracle Service Cloud that includes its new Oracle RightNow Mobile Agent iPad app.

The company acquired RightNow, a CRM vendor to small and midsized businesses, for $1.5 billion in October 2011 in a bid to go head-to-head with cloud service giant The update further extends the service's mobile capabilities with a real-time element.

Oracle says the RightNow Mobile Agent gives contact centre managers and administrators access support information on the go, including accounts, contacts, incidents and tasks. Additionally, it provides access to key performance indicators, human resource Information, and the ability to view and manage sales opportunities in the CRM, and allows employees to generate reports on contact centre performance.

It also takes advantage of the iPad's native capabilities by providing integration with apps such as live maps and FaceTime.

The app is available for download from Apple's App Store.

Increased accessiblity

Oracle says one in seven customer-service sessions now come from mobile devices and has aimed to make its Service Cloud platform available to as many users as possible by removing dependency on CSS and Javascript in the May 2013 release.

David Vap, Group Vice President of Product Development at Oracle, said the platform should support companies by providing access to up-to-date contact records and service histories.

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