Microsoft releases Skydrive Pro app for Windows 8 and iOS

Skydrive Pro has landed on Windows 8 and iOS

Microsoft has released a free SkyDrive Pro app for Windows 8 and iOS that can be downloaded from the Windows Store and App Store respectively.

SkyDrive Pro is the business version of Microsoft's consumer cloud storage service SkyDrive, which launched in 2007. It gives businesses with Office 365 or SharePoint Online accounts access to files and folders stored in the cloud and offers various collaboration features, along with 7GB of storage space per user.

The new app allows users to work on content offline when bandwidth is low, browse Skydrive Pro files, access recently used files share files with colleagues, select files to access when offline, add more files to SkyDrive Pro from devices, open documents, photos and videos, and upload files from other iOS apps to SkyDrive Pro.

Mark Kashman, Microsoft Senior Product Manager, wrote in a company blogpost that users will only need to sign into their Office 365 account to be able to access, view and upload documents.

On-premise support

Writing in the post's comments section, Kashman adds that the software giant is planning on allowing on-premise configurations of SharePoint to be accessed from SkyDrive Pro apps in the future.

Microsoft has made a detailed tutorial on making the most of the new SkyDrive Pro app, which includes steps on how to share files and folders, delete files, and change sharing permissions.

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