How can help your app reach a global audience

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In today’s business world, being able to communicate with customers no matter what language they use is more important than ever. After all, only 20% of the world speaks English as a first language, so being able to communicate in other tongues could be a game-changer for your company.

Thanks to the Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) service, developers can build applications that take advantage of the most accurate API-driven speech recognition engine in the market today. Thanks to’s collection of SDKs, the time it takes for you to integrate its speech-to-text features in your app takes a matter of hours, rather than days or weeks, which means you can get your app to market - and in the hands of users - much faster.

Thanks to over 50,000 hours of transcribed speech data, offers unrivalled accuracy, with Word Error Rates (WER) lower than its competitors.

As your company grows and you look to expand into new territories, can easily help get you up to speed – especially if you have a global workforce. Now available in 31 languages for asynchronous audio, you can transcribe your audio or video at scale, thereby increasing the accessibility and searchability of your content. 

Asynchronous speech recognition technology will generate transcriptions of hour-long recordings in less than a minute, and with natural language processing, the text created is highly accurate and properly punctuated - even when it comes to legal reporting, call recording and educational settings. specializes in long-form audio, so it excels at providing readable, conversational text, rather than short and abrupt commands you would expect from a voicebot.

Getting your app in front of new customers is of the utmost importance, and can help you drastically speed up this process. For a start, you no longer have to work with multiple ASR providers, as offers Global Voice Recognition, so you only need the one provider.

Global Voice Recognition is also essential to expanding your business to serve a global audience, no matter what scale you need.

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Not only does’s Global Voice Recognition help you get your app to a global market quicker, but it allows you to spend more time focusing on other parts of your business. is made by developers for developers, and the company allows you to integrate its ASR service into your own applications through its API.

Comprehensive documentation and expert support will help you start integrating the API into your app in minutes, and with 99.9% uptime (and emergency callouts), you can be confident that your app will always work for your customers.

Security is also of the utmost importance if you’re transcribing business-sensitive materials, and offers the option for zero data storage, so only you have access to your important data.

The potential ASR brings to your apps is extremely exciting -  so to see how it can help expand your global reach, try for free today.