Find a new home for your old electronics

This feature has been brought to you by Decluttr.

Whether you’re heading off to college, moving into a new place or just need some extra cash, selling your old electronics is a good way to free up some space and earn money at the same time.  You could try selling your gadgets through marketplaces but this often eats up your time and leaves you frustrated answering buyers questions - not to mention all the fees!. 

Luckily though with Decluttr you can quickly and easily sell all of your old electronics, CDs, DVDs, video games and even game consoles without the hassle.  To get started you simply need to head to the company’s website or download the free app in the App Store or from the Google Play Store.  From there you can start scanning any of the items you want to sell that have a barcode and for electronics you just have to search for the item, describe its condition and Decluttr will give you an instant quote. 

After that you just box up your items and print out the free shipping label.  Decluttr even offers free insured shipping so you don’t have to worry about your gadgets getting damaged or lost in the mail. 

Getting paid is just as simple and the company pays you fast with next day payments via check, direct deposit or even PayPal so you’ll have cash in hand that you can put towards your next purchase. 

Free up your space without the hassle 

Cutting down on the clutter in your home or apartment feels good and it feels even better getting paid to do so.  While you used to have give away your old electronics or spend the time arranging a yard sale, now you can get rid of them quickly with minimal hassle. 

Decluttr accepts smartphones (both working and faulty), tablets, iPods, consoles, Kindles, wearables and even more tech so you can sell all your old items in one transaction.  

By using Decluttr, you will earn more than you would anywhere else because the service pays 25 per cent more than market prices and you’re not stuck with store credit as you would be if you sold your old smartphone back to your mobile carrier through a buy back program.   

Recycling your old gadgets is the right thing to do and if you just want to clear up some space, Decluttr even gives you the option of donating the money you earn back right to charity. 

Forego the auction and simplify the sale 

Selling items on eBay can be a profitable endeavour but you end up investing your time and energy just to earn a few bucks more.  Online auctions also include hidden seller and auction fees that most users are completely unaware of.  

With Decluttr there are no added fees and it is completely free service from start to finish to sell your old gadgets.  The service is also much simpler to get started with than eBay which is a great thing for inexperienced users who just want to earn a little extra cash.  So why let your old electronics collect dust all around you when you could get rid of them and get paid for it? 

Start selling today and get paid tomorrow 

Whatever your reason for wanting to get rid of your old electronics, don’t put it off.  Signing up for Decluttr can be done in just a few minutes and with the mobile app you can make the process even easier by just scanning the barcodes of DVDs and CDs to add them to your basket.  Stop procrastinating and start selling your old gadgets and electronics today.