Elden Ring players are sick of being slammed to death by human centipedes

An Elden Ring character taking on a large forest creature
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What’s the most infuriating enemy in Elden Ring? Possibly the grotesque human centipedes that keep stun-locking players into disgusting cycles of multi-limbed death by leaping into the air and flailing their arms about.

That’s the consensus of a handful of Elden Ring players, at least, who want nothing more than to express their bubbling hatred for the gross creatures. Redditor miztigers96 shared a clip of the human-centipede-esque monsters in action, and while their claim that the creatures are the worst enemy in the game might be a little dramatic, it’s difficult not to at least sympathize with their struggle.

The enemies are particularly fast and able to launch a flurry of attacks to slam you into the ground while pushing you backward. If you’re fighting in a tight room, that usually means you’re forced into a corner as the camera spins around uncontrollably. To top it off, they also screech, spit poison, and usually engage by teleporting behind your back without any warning. 

worst_enemy_in_this_game_change_my_mind from r/Eldenring

You don’t have to look far to find other Elden Ring players jumping on the hate-filled bandwagon, either out of frustration with their attack cycle or horror at their appearance.

“This is my most hated enemy. There is not even a close comparison. I have a much harder time with this thing than most bosses. Hate. Hate. Hate!,” said one, rather emphatic, Redditor.

“I hate this bloodborne reject more than most bosses,” said another – who, incidentally, makes a fair point that the grotesques would look right at home in FromSoftware’s gothic action RPG.

Fortunately, there’s a handy trick to beating them. The giant creepy crawlies are susceptible to holy damage, making throwable Holy Water Pots particularly effective. Any area-of-effect healing spell will also take a massive chunk off their health bar and briefly stun them. Doing that is harder than it sounds, though, given the long casting times of most healing incantations, it's usually your best option.

Another player made quick work of one by attacking it on horseback, gradually wearing it down through hit-and-run attacks.

Weirder, these aren’t the only multi-limbed monstrosities you’ll find in Elden Ring. The Lesser Kindred of Rot are crawling insectoid enemies that boast an unusually high number of bodily extremities. They supposedly resemble giant prawns, but their swathe of tiny appendages, alongside the way they bend down to scurry along the ground, don’t make them half centipede-like.

i_came_to_this_sub_just_show_my_hatred_for_lesser from r/Eldenring

These fellas are particularly tricky to deal with for their ranged attack, which unleashes a volley of Tarnished-seeking needles on a very short cooldown. The Lesser Kindred of Rot are mobs, too, so often appear in groups of two or three. Add to that their small hitbox, which is even harder to reach when they’re crawling about on the ground around you, and you’ve got an enemy that can be infuriatingly hard to destroy. 

You can’t heal these guys to death, though. It’s best to rely on Summons to interrupt their ranged attacks and let you get a few hits. Better yet, prepare for the worst by finding which of the Elden Ring classes suit your playsttyle.

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