Dying Light 2 patch due this week fixes some of its worst bugs

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Dying Light 2 is bringing some important fixes for PC gamers in its next patch, which will land later this week – and console players will be getting their own fixes too, as you might expect.

On PC, the big changes coming (for Steam and Epic gamers) include fixing bugs causing the game to crash – and issues around infinite black screens cropping up – as well as cures for a problem in the co-op mode with ‘AI dead body replication’, and a bug which stops players from being able to sell to a vendor. Improvements for DLSS performance are also inbound, which could make playing Dying Light 2 at 8K more enjoyable.

Other flaws which are marked as being ‘worked on’ include problems with mice button binding, and various story blocks (bugs which halt your progress) and blocks resulting in a death loop. Backup save games are also being implemented for some extra protection on that front, along with additional graphics settings.

For PlayStation and Xbox, a lot of the fixes are similar – and with those additional graphics settings, motion blur configuration is mentioned (and FOV elsewhere) – but there’s a good deal more work going on with co-op (fixing disconnections, and missing dialog choices for example), plus also improving connection stability. Also of note is that a VRR mode is being introduced for Xbox Series X.

Analysis: Swift fixing, but still some critical work to do

For the full list of fixes, see this tweet and its replies, and further bear in mind that various hot-fixes have already been deployed over the weekend (with tweaks for co-op connection stability already having been made on PC).

Obviously it’s good to see Techland working to quickly address issues, but there are still some highly problematic bugs out there which some unfortunate folks have run into. One highlighted on that Twitter thread shows a crash during a cut-scene (on Xbox) causing a bug informing the player they’ve left the mission area, with the timer counting down from 3 seconds, and them having no chance to do anything but die – and this happens repeatedly after the save is reloaded.

There’s also that game failing to launch chestnut on PC we reported about last week, which there is an easy fix for, at least on Steam – though it doesn’t work for everyone.

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