Microsoft: We want to own next generation of PC control

Kinect - the start of the next generation of PC controller?
Kinect - the start of the next generation of PC controller?

Microsoft UK MD Ashley Highfield has told TechRadar that Microsoft wants to 'own' the next generation of user interfaces, with the release of the Kinect API for PC already bringing 'very cool' apps.

Microsoft's Kinect is not only being described by the company as the fastest selling piece of consumer electronics ever but also a bundle of potential.

The release of a PC Kinect API for developers to start to discover what the Kinect voice and motion sensor can do in a whole new platform has garnered plenty of attention, and Highfield believes that it could be a big part of our and Microsoft's PC future

Dial up innovation

"The next thing is that we have also started to dial up innovation side of the story…the old very similar beige laptop has to change," said Highfield at the launch of the Windows Collection to showcase the cutting edge of modern PCs.

"We are with all the manufacturer showcasing the best machines in their particular areas and the best innovation.

"Innovation is, obviously an ongoing story and may have seen we've now released the Kinext API for developers on the PC.

"We are already starting to see some very cool apps coming about for the next generation of the PC.

"It's something we are very keen on owning, if you like; it's the next generation of user interface - motion control, gesture control and voice control."

Kinect - a key hardware arrival for microsoft

Kinect has been a huge success for Microsoft, and the leap from an Xbox peripheral to a cross-platform device is obviously a key one.

Microsoft's focus on software is obviously something that has shifted over the years, and it is clear that the company is aware of the need to show that the PC is not dying away.

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