Dell introduces new security solutions to thwart threats

Dell World 2015

Dell announced a suite of enterprise security solutions at Dell World to help users fight evolving threats. The solutions feature a new approach to advanced persistence threat (APT) blocking and detection, expanded security for cloud apps with multi-factor authentication, enhancements to Dell Data Protection, management and policy integration across Dell next-generation firewalls and new application security services.

These services help organizations gain a competitive advantage through security, Dell claimed, citing a study published in the Global Technology Adoption Index. According to the GTAI, this year, 35% of North American organizations indicated that security is enabling new things or a competitive advantage, up from 25% in 2014.

"Attacks and hacks on business assets continue to be a common occurrence and are becoming more sophisticated, said Chris Hutcheson, Vice President and General Manager of Dell Security. "It is imperative for organizations to implement a solid security strategy that protects them not just today, but for the future."

"We've built an end-to-end security that's second to none," Michael Dell announced.

Security at the network level

"We see mission critical applications in the public cloud that may or may not offer adequate protection," Mr. Dell said. This is in addition to the BYOD movement, in which each node becomes a vulnerability in the cybersecurity model.

To combat APTs at the network level, the Dell SonicWALL APT Protection Service will be available as a technology preview at Dell World. The service is available on firewalls and email security solutions.

Dell's APT service scans a file and holds potentially malicious unknown files in a sandbox until a verdict can be reached, and Dell claimed that the multi-layered solution is more effective at detecting threats than competitors' single engine solutions.

Dell is also adding the Cyren AV solution to its SonicWALL Email Security, which joins solutions like McAfee AV, Kaspersky AV and Dell SonicWALL Grid AV.

Access management

The Dell One Identity Cloud Access Manager 8.1 enables users to quickly and securely access internal and cloud-based applications. Multi-factor authentication is available under the software as a service (SaaS) model through Dell's Defender as a Service.

The Cloud Edition 2.0 of Dell Data Protection helps businesses enforce enterprise-class control as data moves from endpoint to public cloud services. The service now integrates with Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Dropbox and Box.

Dell Latitude laptop

Dell Data Protection Server Encryption provides data encryption for Windows servers or remote offices. Dell said that the service also provides easier management and compliance reporting.

And for protection of data against loss, the Endpoint Recovery solution enables continuous backups of endpoint devices, like laptops, desktops and tablets. This helps minimize data loss, and if your system crashes, you can quickly recover your information.

Finally, for customers who use Amazon Web Services, Dell SecureWorks announced that the Emergency Cyber Incident Response (ECIR) is now available. This helps businesses investigate cyber incidents on AWS deployments.

"Though cloud infrastructure does not change the fundamentals of incident response and digital forensics, cloud infrastructure requires modifications to the process for efficient and effective containment, mitigation, data collection, and analysis within the cloud," Dell said in a statement. "As a result, Dell SecureWorks has codified these techniques in order to perform highly efficient and scalable cyber incident response investigations."

Dell also introduced a tool that helps businesses identify and assess vulnerabilities with mission-critical applications. Dell said that its security experts can help complement in-house IT staff to provide analysis, help with configurations and provide monitoring.

With the exception of the Dell One Identity Cloud Access Manger 8.1, which will be available on October 28, all solutions are available today.

"We, today, protect tens of trillions of dollars of intellectual property for businesses," Mr. Dell said. In the future, Dell will partner more closely with RSA and AirWatch.