Commvault data loss prevention

Commvault data loss prevention
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Information is everything in the modern world, and many companies rely heavily on any one of a number of data collection and analytics methods to drive major business decisions. There are numerous data protection companies like Commvault working across the world to ensure sensitive and/or valuable information is kept secure. 

However, it can be hard to decide which company is best suited to your needs. To help you out, we’ve analyzed some of the best data loss prevention services, including Commvault. In the rest of this evaluation, we cover everything you need to know about this popular data protection service provider. 

Commvault: Plans and pricing

Like most major data loss protection companies, Commvault doesn’t openly advertise its prices. Every business has different data protection needs, which means that Commvault provides custom quotes on request. There is a demo available, but you will have to speak directly with the sales team to find out more. 

On the plus side, Commvault does provide a lot of information about its four data protection packages. For starters, those with sensitive or important data will benefit from the Backup & Recovery package, which is designed with a focus on flexibility and scalability. The Disaster Recovery service is available for those who have already had problems with their data. 

Additionally, the Complete Data Protection service comes with both Backup & Recovery and Disaster Recovery. And finally, the company’s Commvault Hyperscale service is designed to migrate your data from old, outdated hardware to a modern hybrid cloud platform.

Commvault data loss prevention

Request a demo directly from the Commvault team (Image credit: Commvault)

Commvault: How it works

As a custom data loss protection service provider, Commvault takes a different approach with each new client. To get started, you will need to have a chat with the company’s friendly sales team. After an initial consultation, you may be provided with a short demo of the relevant software and/or services before you commit to a long-term contract. 

In saying that, most Commvault workflows do appear to follow a relatively standard path. The company’s highly experienced data management technicians will work with you to provide a personalized system design. The health of your current systems can also be assessed if required, allowing you to implement new technology where applicable. 

What’s more, Commvault will also work alongside you to implement new data protection solutions where required. The team can migrate your data from existing hardware to a modern cloud platform, and you will even benefit from on-demand consulting services if you need them.

Commvault data loss prevention

Commvault offers a selection of data management consulting services (Image credit: Commvault)

Commvault: Features & Services

Commvault offers a full range of data protection and data management services backed by some impressive features. 

One of the best things about Commvault is its simple data backup solutions. With these, you can easily create a backup of everything from simple file systems to full databases, applications, and more. 

The Commvault Command Center allows you to manage every aspect of your data protection, backups, and more from one central hub. It includes a wide range of advanced features, including powerful analytics, role-based access control, and full access to all the tools you need to look after sensitive information. 

As a recent case study showed, Commvault has the ability to reduce backup time by at least 90% compared to traditional methods. This is essential for reducing IT downtime, which can affect customers and crucial ongoing business. And, backed up data can be restored much faster from Commvault’s cloud-based system as well.

Commvault data loss prevention

The Commvault Command Center allows you to manage everything from one central hub (Image credit: Commvault)

Commvault: Support and customer care

Every client will receive a different type and level of customer care because Commvault uses custom solutions. However, reports across the web consistently give it five out of five stars, and many of them focus on the high level of customer service received. 

For example, TrustRadius, a popular review site, gives the company an overall score of 8.7 out of 10, based on 168 reviews. On top of this, it gets 9.5 out of 10 for support alone, which is excellent, to say the least. 

In terms of live support streams, Commvault has live chat, phone, and email support. There is also a large, resource-rich knowledge base containing technical documentation, tutorials, and more.

Commvault data loss prevention

Commvault consistently receives great ratings across the web (Image credit: Commvault)

The competition

Although Commvault is a popular data loss protection service provider operating across the world, numerous other options are worth considering. 

For example, Cohesity provides streamlined custom solutions designed for those who want something that’s easy to use and doesn’t require significant tech knowledge. Like Commvault, it doesn’t openly advertise its prices, but reports suggest that it’s one of the most affordable service providers around. 

Another good option is SolarWinds, which offers a selection of cloud-based data loss protection services. It uses a central web dashboard, is designed with speed and efficiency as a major focus, and has over thirty data centers spread across the world. 

Final verdict

Commvault is a proven data loss protection service provider that operates in numerous countries. It receives excellent reviews across the web, offers an impressive range of advanced features and powerful custom solutions, and is backed by great support and customer care services. 

Although Commvault doesn’t provide any indication of prices on its website, this is standard practice in the data protection industry. And, all reports suggest that it offers very competitively-priced solutions, which is great. Finally, those who do decide to go with this company will benefit from the impressive data management consulting services that are on offer. 

The bottom line: Commvault is a highly-rated data loss protection company for good reason, and it’s certainly worth considering if you’re looking for a no-nonsense partner you can rely on.

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