Wait almost over for Adobe CS4

CS4 will be unsurprisingly the successor to CS3

Adobe's Creative Suite has been the package for media types, designers and videomakers and a new release is always much anticipated.

Well, Adobe has announced the release of Creative Suite 4 and it's 23 September.

The current Creative Suite bundle, CS3, comes in a number of variations, depending on what software you will be using the most. This iteration of Adobe's software package came out in March of last year.

Bundles included: Design Premium, Web Premium, Production Premium and Master Edition. Software in the bundles focused on special effects (After Effects); film editing (Premiere); photo editing (Photoshop); design (Illustrator) and web production (Flash and DreamWeaver).

Previews online

There's no actual new word on what CS4 will contain, except that Photoshop will come as a 64-bit version for PC users but only in 32-bit version for Mac users.

There are previews of bits of CS4 software online, which appeared back in May, when the company offered two-day trials.

These include looks at new versions of DreamWeaver, image-editor Fireworks and Soundbooth, the company's audio editor.