10 essential features every helpdesk software must have

(Image credit: Pixabay)

When it comes to helpdesk software, there are some absolute non-negotiables - boxes that the best solutions out there simply have to tick.

Offering the full gamut of services that any business could want from a helpdesk solution, from field service management, AI chatbots, omnichannel support and more, Freshdesk is one of the leading options around today.

Here’s a rundown of the ten most important features to look out for when purchasing new helpdesk software for your business - and why Freshdesk could be the option for you.

Email conversion

It’s vital to be able to convert emails received by the support team into tickets that can be tracked easily. Ownership of tickets can then be assigned, certain tickets can be brought to the front of the queue and resolution deadlines set.

Call center functionality

Most businesses looking for a new helpdesk solution will need call center functionality. The best software allows companies to receive, transfer and record customer calls with ease.

Live chat

Live chat is an important option for helpdesk software, because some customers will always prefer to interact via text than over the phone. Often, this is also the fastest way to resolve simple queries, and make sure the customer remains happy.

AI-powered chatbots

AI chatbots play a crucial role in ensuring resolutions are met as quickly as possible, while also minimizing the burden on helpdesk staff. The best AI chatbots are all about engaging the customer, rather than simply deflecting them.

Freshdesk is powered by Freddy AI, which automatically delivers accurate and succinct responses to customer queries without any input from real-life agents.

Freddy AI is equally popular among agents themselves, who are freed up to tackle only the most important or complex tickets.

Omnichannel support

Top helpdesk software makes communicating with customers across the full range of channels effortless - whether that’s via social media, email, text message or telephone.

Freshdesk makes it simple to switch between these channels and agents are afforded a full timeline of activity, so will never have to ask the customer to repeat themselves.

This level of context also allows staff to take a more proactive approach to solving customers’ problems, which isn’t an option with less sophisticated solutions.

Field service management

When customer queries simply cannot be resolved remotely, you’ll need to rely on your field agents to come to the rescue.

Freshdesk is the only helpdesk software with advanced field service management facilities that allow you to organize agents into service groups, assign service tasks and schedule visits when it most suits the customer.

The field technicians themselves, meanwhile, can communicate seamlessly with office-based team members and also update timesheets and service tasks on the go.

Online query submission

An email support address is an important option, but many customers prefer to submit tickets via their web browser for ease.

Freshdesk offers a fully customizable widget that attaches seamlessly to any website, funneling customers towards existing support materials, tracking frustration levels via click analysis and providing a simple way to submit queries.

Intelligent ticket assignment

It’s important not to overload helpdesk agents - especially if they are new to the job - and the best helpdesk software will help you manage staff workload to perfection.

Intelligent ticket assignment facilities automatically funnel tasks to agents based on an analysis of current workload and the individual’s historic efficiency levels.

Time- and event-triggered automation

Introducing as much automation to the helpdesk as possible frees up agents to provide the greatest possible value.

Time-triggered automation performs ticket actions based on the amount of time that has passed since the most recent action occurred, while event-triggered automation tools allow businesses to execute one more multiple ticket actions after a specific event occurs. 


To improve the performance of your helpdesk, the ability to analyze performance is absolutely critical.

With Freshdesk, you can generate reports on specific agents or teams based on a whole host of different metrics - and these can be scheduled to appear in your inbox periodically. If you’re after the most up-to-date performance data, you can also monitor your agents in real-time via a simple dashboard.