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Adobe unveils plenoptic lens to re-focus images

Adobe hoping to take the pain from out of focus snaps

Adobe had stopped scrapping with Apple long enough to unleash some good old fashion innovation by unveiling a new photo lens that can adjust the focus of a photo after it has been taken.

The new technology uses a plenoptic lens, which consists of hundreds of smaller sub-lenses than snap a picture from multiple perspectives

The plenoptic lens sits between a DSLRs lens kit and the image sensor and then records hundreds of fragmented images, each allowing differing light in through the lens and, effectively, offering infinite depth of field.

No more out-of focus snaps

Then with the help of some handy rendering software, the photographer can choose the exact focus of his or her creation.

The technology will have to be made much smaller before it can be squeezed into consumer cameras, but we quite like the idea of never taking an out of focus photo ever again.

Check out the video below for a demonstration of the new lens tech.