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Adobe Flash 10.2 leaves beta, ready to download

Adobe 10.2 - accelerates your hardware
Adobe 10.2 - accelerates your hardware

Adobe has announced that Flash 10.2 is now out of beta and ready to download.

The incremental update brings a number of new features.These include: full-screen support for multi-monitor systems, better HD video playback, smoother fonts and support for IE 9's GPU rendering capabilities.

There's also new functionality added called Stage Video.

Essentially the feature allows decent playback of HD video but without sacrificing processor power.

All the world's a Stage

At the moment, there are a number of sites working hard to implement this feature, including YouTube, Brightcove and Vimeo.

Adobe says that implementation of Stage Video could cut processing power by a whopping 85 per cent. The roots of Stage Video can be found in the addition of H.264 back in Adobe Flash 10.1.

If you have Adobe 10.2 then there are a number of YouTube videos that will benefit from the feature, as it introduces things like DVR-playback control into the videos.

To download Flash 10.2, go to

Have Flash 10.2 installed? Then the below YouTube video should look pretty sweet