PlayStation has been hit with a round of layoffs, former employees reveal

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PlayStation has been impacted by a round of layoffs, former employees have revealed.

As reported by Eurogamer and VGC, in the last few days, a number of former employees have taken to social media to announce that they have been laid off from their jobs, including senior level designer Daniel Bellemare, who was working on an unannounced project at PlayStation. Previously, Bellemare worked at Ubisoft as a world designer on Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Immortals Fenyx Rising.

“Unfortunately, following a wave of layoffs last week was my last at PlayStation,” Bellemare wrote on LinkedIn. “While this is certainly not news I was hoping for, I'm grateful to have had a chance to work amongst extremely talented colleagues on incredible projects and I'm leaving with good memories of my time there.”

Also impacted is former senior technical recruiter Matt Barney, who wrote: “Goodbye PlayStation / Sony Interactive Entertainment, it's been real! For the past few months, I knew this layoff wave was coming.  I love PlayStation and I always will… I mean, I stayed when I had the chance to leave, so obviously!”

Barney continued: “To those of you within my former organization that have been impacted today, I wish you the best of luck in your own layoff! [...] This is not the first time that I’ve been included in a layoff in games… to those of you struggling, keep at it. This sucks for sure, but keep fighting the good fight!”

At the time of writing, it’s not known how many people have been impacted by these layoffs, and no official statement has been released by the company. TRG has reached out to Sony for a comment on the situation.

PlayStation is far from the only games company to have been impacted by layoffs lately. Last month, it was announced that Epic Games - the developer behind Fortnite, one of the best battle royale games and one of the best free games - was laying off around 16% of its workforce.

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