The Finals' most vocal players are complaining about C4 again

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Embark Studios’ fast-paced shooter, The Finals, kicked off with a bang after its surprise launch last month. However, as players have been getting to grips with the game and finding reliable strategies to use, some have been arguing that one particular gadget needs another nerf.

The gadget in question is the C4 - an explosive that can be used by those playing as the Heavy class. It’s pretty versatile, as it can be attached to surfaces and other players, explodes to deal out damage, and can destroy nearby structures. However, tactical players can also use it in a slightly different way - by attaching a C4 to a throwable object, like a barrel or fire extinguisher, they’re able to throw the explosive into enemies from a distance to cause enormous destruction. 

It’s worth keeping in mind that this isn’t some unforeseen strategy that the developers didn’t account for - there’s actually an achievement that can be earned for getting an elimination by throwing an object with an Explosive Mine attached to it. It takes some skill to execute successfully, and the damage and radius of the gadget was already nerfed last month. Even so, not everyone is happy about it. One Reddit user named EasyAntiYeet, who shared a montage of their C4 eliminations on The Finals’ subreddit, has alleged that it’s “what me and every other Heavy are doing in Diamond matches because it is broken.”

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Some have argued that changes should be made to how the C4 can be utilized: “Make C4 or mines of any kind bounce off the canisters. This is the biggest issue with the game right now in my opinion,” MinesweeperGang wrote.

“Interestingly, when you put mines on an explosive barrel, it flies significantly slower and slightly downward... I think they just need to add weight to the C4 as well,” added Atmanautt.

Others, however, are in favor of the strategy and the C4’s utility remaining unchanged: “All classes have their own cheese. It's fine [in my opinion],” Sangheili_SGT6 commented.

User AceTheJ shared a similar opinion: “Other classes can do similar stuff so yes it’s fair and [balanced].”

While players can certainly expect more balance updates to come to The Finals eventually, it’s not known at this point what weapons and gadgets will be affected. We don’t know currently what content updates are on the way since Embark Studios is choosing not to release a content roadmap to avoid making promises it can’t keep.

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