Elden Ring’s Godrick the Grafted has been beaten by a real-life goldfish

Godrick the Grafted in Elden Ring.
(Image credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment)

Elden Ring is not an easy game, but it’s now been proven that with enough tenacity, even a goldfish can have what it takes to become Elden Lord, as one aquatic friend has beaten not one, but two of the game’s main bosses.

As GamesRadar+ reports, YouTube creator and Twitch streamer PointCrow (real name Eric Morino) recently released a video showing how he managed to ‘train’ his pet fish Tortellini to become an (almost) unstoppable Tarnished warrior. He first enlisted the help of modder and programmer AtSign to create a program that could digitally track where Tortellini was in his tank. Each part of the tank was assigned a controller input, so while Tortellini swam around, he could essentially press different buttons and take on his noble quest.

From this point, the YouTuber had the brave fish take on increasingly harder bosses, starting with Margit, the Fell Omen. Given Margit is often the first boss that Elden Ring players fight, he’s not the trickiest foe in the game, but I, for one, still had to give that fight a few attempts before I could get past it for the first time. Tortellini was the same - after a few tries, he vanquished his first enemy.

Next, he was faced with a trickier boss - Godrick the Grafted. With two deadly phases, Godrick can be a nightmare to fight if you don’t keep on your toes (or fins, I guess). In his second phase, the boss can cover a wide area with fire, which does significant damage if you don’t get out of the way. Still, Tortellini proved his might by adeptly dodging oncoming attacks and pulling off some well-timed heals, and after a number of attempts, he was victorious.

After this, the difficulty was cranked up a notch further, and Tortellini was faced with Elden Ring’s hardest boss, Malenia. After many, many attempts (and new weapons), he wasn’t able to defeat the whole boss, but he did manage to beat her first phase, which is an impressive feat for a person, never mind a fish. What a talented boy. 

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